Fields of Expertise Include
    General working familiarity with most scientific and technical disciplines in the physical science fields including computers, robotics, measurement, lasers, integrate circuit fabrication, solids state electronics, radiation, electromagnetic fields, plasma physics, nuclear fission and fusion, metallurgy, gravity and all areas of mechanical engineering and design, and reflector critical, fast nuclear reactor space power systems.

   I also have extensive courtroom litigation experience in patent, trademark, trade secret, misappropriation, real property, copyright, (intellectual property matters), and complex technical tort matters.



Registered Patent Attorney No. 24,911
California State Bar No. 54,217
 48 Years of

Admissions to Practice
U.S. Supreme Court
US Federal Circuit Court of Appeals
Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals
US District Courts for the Northern, Central, Eastern, and Southern Districts of California
California Supreme Court
United States Patent & Trademark Office


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